Xavier St. Cloud Drives Me Crazy

But really, we’re in this episode for when Xavier St. Cloud learned the best way to earn money was to become a pop star:

“For Tomorrow We Die,” originally aired February 27, 1993.  Nostalgia and spoilers within.

Oh, this show just gets better and better, friends!  Go to Paris?  Quality increase.

Synopsis: An immortal jewel thief (Xavier St. Cloud<3) uses poison gas to kill everyone in the shop (including himself) and then he takes off with the treasure.  It makes sense.  Then he goes to confess his sins to Darius just to humiliate one of the best generals ever.  Man, I love inappropriate use of confession as a TV trope.  And of course Darius can’t talk about it to MacLeod because he’s a priest<3.  Ahh, this trope.  Darius is awesome.  And I really like the discussion about Darius and his real beliefs about religion, but we’ll talk about that later!

Meanwhile, the police are naturally doing their work–and Darius also can’t tell them about it–but from the description, Mac figures out that this must be Xavier St. Cloud that he met in a war a while ago who gassed a bunch of French soldiers to steal their truck with the paychecks.  Jerk move, Xavier.

Back in the real world, Tessa is making sculptures and Richie is dating ladies, and shock of shocks Xavier comes to visit Tessa.  Immortals never both her!  /sarcasm  But this time, Xavier–pretending to be Gerard–offers to give Tessa a piece of art for the Refugee Relief Fund exhibit the next night.  I love this evil Immortal!  But he puts a bomb in the art piece.  Not good.

Meanwhile, Richie’s girlfriend is a married cougar just using him for funsies.  Duncan doesn’t seem overly concerned, because he has to track Xavier down by using friends he made during World War II French Resistance times, so REAL PROBLEMS.  Mac does eventually tell Richie about the whole your-girlfriend-is-married thing, who doesn’t seem to understand, and Xavier-as-Gerard is using Tessa’s art show to kill lots of important people and steal the rich art.  Win/win.  Wait.  That’s bad.  Richie breaks up with his girlfriend at the event, though, so some good came out of it for him.  And, of course, MacLeod foils Xavier’s plan and things go mostly okay, the end.  Oh, and Xavier didn’t die, he only lost his left hand before jumping into the Seine.  Dun dun dun.

But I really did love the discussion Tessa and Mac have about Darius–Tessa momentarily objects that if Darius has been a member of other religious orders, he doesn’t really think Catholicism is the true path, so why follow the rules in this case?  Mac explains that it’s not about belief as much as respect, and I thought that was very interesting, and I liked it.  If you’re engaging in a faith or with a faith, respecting it has to be the first step.  Religions have their rules for reasons, and Darius isn’t going to be flippant with one as long as he’s living in this life.  Hmm hmm hmm, surprisingly thought provoking, Highlander.

Also, did you know “Fine Young Cannibals” did a cover of “Suspicious Minds”?  THANK YOU, YOUTUBE.

I will never understand the ’80s, but my love will never end.  God Bless You, Roland Gift.


Xavier: “I kill them because what’s the difference?”



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