The Methos, Joe, and Joe’s Gun Show

“Indiscretions,” originally aired May 2, 1998.  Nostalgia and spoilers within.

Watchers gonna watch: new young Watcher Amy is on assignment with Morgan Walker, who is an evil modelling agent.  So she has a hard time not calling the cops when he kills someone because that’s the problem with a Watcher with a conscience.  She probably inherited it from Joe, her surprise!father.

Morgan Walker is also after Methos, who slept with one of his slaves back in the day.  That seems a bit steep, but he “loved” her.  Yeah, okay.  But before he fights Methos, he’s able to capture Amy–and her Watcher notebook, oops.  Joe’s worried about Amy because she hasn’t checked in, so he recruits Methos to help.  They manage to evade someone shooting at them…when they run out of gas.

LOL, reality.  This is the best episode.

These two are just so amazing together.  I want all their adventures all the time.  SO MUCH SASS AND SARCASM.  And bonding.  And Methos being easily amused.

Anyway, they reach the end of their adventures.  Methos fights Morgan and wins: “Just because I don’t like to fight doesn’t mean that I can’t”–one of my dad’s favorite lines.  Joe and Amy leave things a little uncertain, but that’s fair.  They have a lot of things to think about.  Cheers from Le Blues Bar, though.  Life moves on.


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