Even Better Minor Characters

“Two of Hearts,” originally aired February 14, 1998.  Nostalgia and spoilers within.

So an Immortal (Kate) and her boyfriend (Nick) run around saving people because it’s the right thing to do.  Or something.  Pretty sweet, but she’s still an Immortal and has to do Immortal things.  And this one is very personal–a guy who ruined her village 700 years ago with a ‘religious mission,’ and he’s still profiting off it.

Kate doesn’t have it together to face the Immortal AND 2 guys with guns, though, but thankfully, Nick is there to drive her off.  He’s not very happy about it, and she is just don’t judge me, bro.  So they work together and defeat Bartholomew.  Shortest. Review. Ever.  It’s a pretty straightforward plot.  Classic Highlander.

I actually totally dig this couple, contrary to the brevity.  I sort of wish they had gotten the spin-off, but, hey.  What happens, happens.


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