It’s Not a Wonderful Life, Mac

“Not to Be,” originally aired May 15, 1998.  Nostalgia and spoilers within.

Mac can’t stay away from other world Tessa, obviously, which makes him the awkward third wheel with her and her loveless workaholic husband…who has to leave during dinner.  Yeah.  You know what happens then, and I cried.  I actually cried.  So much.  My show OTP.

Thankfully, there was a convenient bed in her art gallery (??).  Unfortunately, she feels guilty after, and everyone and everything hurts.

And then we find Methos (and the bar plays the same song we’ve heard in a few other techno club scenes.  It’s starting to grow on me).  Anyway, Methos has a major attitude problem because his Watcher fiance was killed by Horton after she tried to make everyone get along.  Kronos saved his life, though…hrm.  And Richie joined up with them because Methos became his teacher…hrm.

Like, this plot makes very little sense, but it maximizes pain, because Richie is told to go after Joe–who looks a lot better than he had last episode, maybe because this is a bit in the past?  yes, this gets explained–and Richie can’t kill him.  Which means the Horsemen kill Richie.  Ouch.  Both worlds, man, you got it rough.  And again, Mac can’t stay out of this business, so he fights Kronos and Methos.  And we all feel sad.

Now Mac finally understands what Fitz has been doing, and Mac wakes back up in the real world.  He fights, and then there’s a very sweet montage to the series and parting words from Mac to his friends.

Goodbye, Highlander.  You were an amazing show.  I really intend to do some more one-off posts having to do with Highlander from time to time, but after the recap of the Raven, this is it for now.  But it’s been a great run.


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