Raven Rewatched

from drakamena (tumblr)

Highlander: The Raven, originally aired September 26, 1998-May 17, 1999.  Nostalgia and spoilers within.

I decided to do Highlander: The Raven, but to spare a little time, I’ll do a discussion of the overall narrative and not worry about each episode’s summary.  I enjoyed the show well enough when it was on, but so much of the appeal of the original series was Mac’s morality tested.  Amanda, naturally, does not have the same problems.

But, it’s been a long time since I’ve watched any Highlander: The Raven, and I am a different person now, so let’s see what happens.

Amanda is being Amanda: breaking in and looking cool.  Cops are being cops: trying to nail her.  It’s all fun and games until a cop pins a murder on her and Nick Wolfe’s partner gets killed protecting Amanda in the final confrontation.  Whew.  Ugh, people should just somehow know not to get shot for Immortals, right?  And cops should always wear bullet proof vests.  Important Episode 1 lessons.  So Nick has a lot of questions about why Amanda’s alive and he leaves the force–which is okay, his hair probably wasn’t regulation.  He has great hair.

Episode 2 lessons: I want to go to Mario Cardoza’s restaurant.  Fresh gnocchi once a week and never too much garlic are perfect rules.  Episode 3 lesson: There’s still a Quickening even if no other Immortal is around.  And in all this time, Amanda has revealed her Immortality, and Nick is trying to change his worldview.  I think he picks up pretty quickly, he seems to suspect everyone is an Immortal now.  That’s not a bad way to go.  He still has to figure out some aspects of the Game, but, it’s a process.

Between her immortality and his job in security, they at least get into plenty of exciting adventures.  But his past as a cop and her life as a thief don’t always mesh~  They both also have lots of residual feelings about his partner’s death.

Episode 6 Lesson: it is REALLY confusing to invite actors to play different roles, especially when it’s Charlie DeSalvo now as an Immortal named Simon.  WTFFFFF, my Charlie.  I was hoping for a minute Charlie was back and it was all a terrible misunderstanding.  Sadly, no.

But anyway, they continue to explore standard Highlander concerns about Immortal v. Mortal morality, etc. etc., but halfway through we finally get Watchers and Joe (and Joe’s gun).  Everyone in the world recognizes Amanda and Nick’s attraction to one another, and they do end up living together and working together in Paris.  It’s all fun and games, really, with Fr. Liam and getting some hints about Nick’s backstory–he was adopted, doesn’t get along with his brother, had been married, etc. etc.  Eventually his wife even comes…just to get killed.  Ugh.

I do wonder at what point the writers decided Nick would be an Immortal.  Definitely by the time he tells the priest that he was adopted, because that can’t be a coincidence.  In “The Ex Files,” I think they hint at how important his use of a sword will be, too.  But I wonder if they knew it from Day 1, like with Richie.

Cons: 1) overuse of dramatic and/or technopop music and sloooow mooootion.  I think that’s an endemic nowadays.  2) The last episode.  I was really not loving the plot, and although it had its good moment, especially with Nick’s death, the surrounding plot could have been better.  Alas, no second season to resolve it.

Pros: 1) Lucy.  LUCY.  She’s amazing.  2) Nick’s rambling allegories.  There need to be more of those.  3) Nick’s penchant for sitting in bed with people.  4) They still go to Paris, very  important for Highlander.  5) And in Paris is Fr. Liam, one of my favorite character types: priest.  “I’m not throwing my life away.  I’m giving it back to God.”  Aww aww.

And don’t worry, it still has gratuitous workout scenes.

I actually enjoyed my rewatch FAR more than I remembered liking it.  Like…I might actually rewatch it or buy it??  The characters were frustrating but in the way we love and expect with Highlander??  I want a second season??  I was not expecting it to enjoy it so much, but I did, and I need more Nick, Amanda, Fr. Liam, and Lucy.  NOT what they did with the movies.  I don’t think even a rewatch will help Endgame and The Source.  But as I mentioned in last post, I might come back from time to time and do more with Highlander here, so rewatching the movies is possible.  Possible, but maybe not preferable.

Fingers crossed for the reboot that they announced years ago and who knows if it’s still happening!

Episode list:

  1. Reborn
  2. Full Disclosure
  3. Bloodlines
  4. Immunity
  5. So Shall Ye Reap
  6. Birthright
  7. Crime & Punishment
  8. The Unknown Soldier
  9. Cloak & Dagger
  10. Passion Play
  11. The Devil You Know
  12. A Matter of Time
  13. The French Connection
  14. The Rogue
  15. Inferno
  16. The Frame
  17. Love and Death
  18. Thick as Thieves
  19. The Manipulator
  20. The Ex Files
  21. War and Peace
  22. Dead on Arrival

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