It’s a Wonderful Life, Mac

“To Be,” originally aired May 8, 1998.  Nostalgia and spoilers within.

Normal times are normal: Joe and Methos are chattering way, Mac and Amanda have some sexy times, and…Amanda gets kidnapped by one of Mac’s Old Enemies–Liam O’Rourke who wanted to use WWII to drive the English out of power.  Just another day in the life.

So Mac and Methos go to help Amanda, and Joe gets taken next.  Mac says he has to go because he has no choice and Methos says a lot of hilarious, amazing things to try to get him back.  Methos.  A+.  I miss you.

Anyway, Mac goes, and Liam is dead set on killing Amanda and Joe for what Mac did (which, you know, was fine really, but it resulted in Liam’s girlfriend in getting killed).  So Mac offers his head.  Welp, that’s the end, right?  Except Methos comes in to save the day.

But when Mac gets knocked out, everything starts going cray.  Because Angel!Fitz comes down from Heaven to talk sense into Mac so he doesn’t let himself die.  Naturally, everything is terrible if Duncan MacLeod doesn’t exist.  Amanda is a killer.  The Watchers are run by Horton and they’re all Hunters.  At least Tessa’s alive, so maybe not everything is terrible in this world.

But we shall see, in this exciting two-part end of Highlander…


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