The Phaaaantom of the Opera

“The Beast Below,” originally aired March 6, 1993.  Nostalgia and spoilers within.

Hello, friends!  I’ve never actually see “Phantom of the Opera,” but I think that’s all you need to know for this episode.  Dee Dee Bridgewater–I mean, Carolyn–is having a rehearsal for her comeback concert (which is also for refuge relief, I sense a theme for this show’s charity choice), which is AWESOME to watch, but oops, the organizer falls from the rafters after a fight with her, and Duncan suspects some Immortal did it because he felt the buzzing.  Richie and Tessa comfort Richie’s girlfriend, the backup singer, while Mac deals with the police.  AGAIN.  And Tessa rightly guesses AGAIN that he thinks he knows the Immortal who was there and might have done this.  Because she knows how the plots of this show go.  In a flashback, we learn that Duncan met this sweet, simple-minded gentle-giant immortal years ago and saved him from an angry mob (Ursa–Mr. Bear!).  Tessa is rightly confused that Mr. Woodsman Giant would hang out at the Paris Opera, even for the singing.  But we learn that’s why he’s there–he’s got a sweet (“Sweet”) Phantom-of-the-Opera-Hunchback-of-Notre-Dame crush on Carolyn.  He killed Frank (the organizer) for hurting Carolyn.  She isn’t quite sure what to make of that.

Mac meets up with Darius to talk about Ursa, who hung out at a monastery for a while, because that’s a good thing for Immortals to do.  They realize that Ursa really loves music and beauty, and that as a caveman (as in, someone who used to live in a cave) he’d be down with living in subways, so ta da, clearly, that’s what’s happening.  But Carolyn, the master singer, is worried about her upstart backup singer Jenny, Richie’s girlfriend.  So she decides to tell Ursa to get rid of Jenny.  Oops.  Mac and Richie happen to come upon them in the catacombs as they plot, but they don’t understand what is going on.  Richie gets a bit injured, so Mac continues his investigation and interviews Jenny, which makes Mac realize that Carolyn maybe HAS figured out what is happening and is using Ursa for evil.  And Ursa does kidnap Jenny.  Mac and Richie follow through the catacombs in an exciting archaeological moment (CATACOMBS).  They find her and take her out, and Mac really really puts together that Carolyn is using Ursa for evil.  I guess he was just starting to suspect it before.  Mac comes to the Opera House, and Ursa attacks Mac for Carolyn :///  So they fight all around the Opera House, and Ursa falls to his death.  But thankfully, he IS immortal and didn’t land on a sword or something, so he can get taken out.  But as Mac and Carolyn fight about her being mean, he comes back.  She, naturally, freaks out and runs into traffic.  So she’s dead:(  And Ursa carries her off because he still loves her even though she called him a lobotomy case:(  Rude.  MacLeod makes sure Ursa gets to another monastery, and we never see him again.

Now I really wish they had Xavier St. Cloud singing something in the show.  I’m pretty sure that should be the point of having a musical guest star, right?  Perhaps next time!  This wasn’t really the most exciting episode, although Mac gets his nice moment to wax poetic on human personality and how some people have to believe they did everything for themselves.  So remember, you accomplish nothing totally by yourself?  Yes, I think that’s a lesson.  Until next time!


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