So Be Evil for Evil’s Sake

“For Evil’s Sake,” originally aired February 20, 1993.  Nostalgia and spoilers within.

Hello, friends!

Synopsis: A mime assassin–brilliant idea?  Yes, some assassin is loose on the streets of Paris, using his mime hilarity for people to lower their guards before killing them.  Where are the cops in all this?  But MacLeod walks upon one of these scenes, and he tries to use his bag of groceries (GROCERIES TROPE!) to slow the assassin.  He fails.  Fortunately, MacLeod saw a similar pattern with an immortal assassin (Kuyler), and so he and the cops can kind of team up to fight him.  The cop doesn’t really trust MacLeod, and a flashback shows why: twelve years ago, MacLeod faced Kuyler in Paris and ran across the cop then.  And then MacLeod jumped onto a barge and met Tessa<3.  And the OTP began, aww.

Duncan tracks Kuyler down by using an absinthe dealer, and we learn that some cop is providing information to Kuyler, whose hideout is a creepy mannequin warehouse. One of Kuyler’s men tries to take out Duncan by himself, but only shoots the cop and doesn’t even kill him.  Kuyler is very annoyed by that, the cop is annoyed he basically just lost his job (MacLeod and cops do not ever get along), and now everyone’s at a stalemate.  MacLeod and Kuyler get a little talk in on Holy Ground, and Kuyler explains that he’s an assassin only because, well, he’s not good at anything else, so what else could he do?  I must admit, I do have a fondness of fictional sociopaths like Kuyler.

The traitor cop leads MacLeod into Kuyler’s trap (which Mac sees coming a mile away), and they have a creepy, creepy fight in a creepy, creepy warehouse full of creepy, creepy mannequins.  MANNEQUINS.  EW.  I would nope right out of that place.  But MacLeod keeps it together, wins, and has awkward conversations with the cops after.

This episode reminds me that terrorism is not new.  Jihad is mentioned, an explosion at the Bastille just happened–it’s like Paris hasn’t changed in twenty years.  Again, too real, dear show.  Too real.

Favorite Quotes:

Tessa: “The only thing I feel expert in is knowing how little I really know.”  #academicproblems #storyofmylife,too


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