Minor Characters are Best

“Deadly Exposure,” originally aired January 31, 1998.  Nostalgia and spoilers within.

An Immortal bounty hunter is ready for a vacation after 250 years.  Wow, I can’t go 25 hours without wanting to go on vacation.  Anyway.  While she’s on vacation, a model photographer gets shot because she accidentally had some bad guy in the background of a photo.  Unfortunately for them, she had already thrown away the film, and neither the bounty hunter–who stumbles onto the scene–or the model know.

The model is freaking adorable.  I want him to be the new main character (most of Season Six is trying to figure out what to do in the sequel).

Anyway, when they get ambushed by the bad guys, Reagan the bounty hunter decides to take on the case, and they find the film pretty easily.  They decide to go stay with Mac–an Old Friend with whom Reagan shared some horse-riding innuendo when she got him arrested for sleeping with the Duke’s wife.  At least she broke him out when she realized he was going to be beheaded as punishment.

Given the shenanigans, Mac helps them.  He talks to Interpol while the other duo tries to figure out about the bad guy (Kendall) and what he has to do with European union (EU TALKS?).  Of course, the model should not be left to his own devices, because he goes back to the apartment and gets assassinated:(  He was my favorite character this episode:( Interpol doesn’t want to work with the bounty hunter, but she convinces them eventually.

Um…is there a reason people carry around tanks of oxygen?  Not, like, if they have one for breathing help, but just in their suitcase.  That isn’t worth flagging a guy?  Did they miss something?  Anyway, the bag guy is using a smuggled oxygen tank and nobody notices.  They really do need the bounty hunter, and she figures everything out and saves the day.

Not a bad character for the sequel, but we will never see her again.  Bye.


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