“Justice,” originally aired November 22, 1997.  Nostalgia and spoilers within.

Ooh, an Immortal assassin (Katya) is going to kill Mac’s new fencing friend when he interrupts.  Classic Highlander plot.  She’s trying to avenge her adopted daughter who had been shot by the fencing friend (Baptista), but he got away with it–apparently, Elena was cheating on him with someone, so, jealousy.  He shot them when he caught them in the act.

He feels guilty, but there’s not exactly anything he can do now.  Then there’s some sexy times—not between Mac and Baptista.  Between Mac and the Immortal.  We learn that she had some really bad relationships when she was young because she had a relationship with a nobleman and then she was tried for being a witch.  Whoops.  So she thinks justice is sort of rigged.  Time to kill the son-in-law, then!

Thankfully for the son-in-law, his daughter runs in while Katya and he are fighting, so she feels bad killing him.  Mercy: 1, Revenge: 0.  And a few nice quotes: No one should ever have to lose a child.  Every life is important. Etc. Etc.  Yay, Highlander.  Good to have that positive message again.


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