Video Killed the Immortal Star

“Black Tower,” originally aired November 8, 1997.  Nostalgia and spoilers within.

Oh, man, nobody should answer the door to an Immortal’s place.  Just…let the Immortal get the door.  Always.  And this time, some lady gets kidnapped during a date with Duncan.  The guy who did the kidnapping was one of Mac’s students–probably his first, because this was the first guy Mac had seen before being an Immortal (a “Pre”-Immortal) and knew there was something different.

And this dude is weirdo now, because he has hired a gang to hunt Mac in his toy shop.  Uh.  And apparently, the guy is doing it to set up a good simulation for a computer game?  The computer geek thinks it is all an actual game until the Immortal (Marek) keeps getting creepier and creepier from the control room.  Apparently, back in the day, he liked hunting mortals, too.  The gamer really figures it out when Marek kills a cop who happens to wonder into the building, though.


The programmer is even less smart then, though, because he threatens to leave…after just seeing someone get shot.  Really?  You think that’ll fly?  This is a guy who, a couple hundred years ago, was all annoyed he wasn’t allowed to have retainers help him fight in the Game.  Spoiled.  Brat.  I am pleased that Duncan’s date was in on it the whole time.  Better than introducing her JUST to kidnap her.  I guess.  Anyway, Mac wins.  And then walks away slowly from all the remaining weird.  Just walk away, Mac.


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