And Now a Sci-Fi Thriller

“Patient Number Seven,” originally aired November 1, 1997.  Nostalgia and spoilers within.

I think we entered the X-Files or something with creepy government secrets.  But anyway, there’s some guy feeling up an amnesia patient (gross, thanks), but he gets shot by assassins–who are there for the amnesia patient.  Muscle memory takes over, and she beats them up.  Freedom!

The two assassins who failed are then getting a lecture from a taxidermist.  The taxidermist is also their boss, who wants this wounded animal, er, the amnesia victim (Kyra).  But she’s wandering around Paris.  Thankfully, Mac finds her before the police do.  Unfortunately, that whole amnesia thing means she doesn’t really believe Mac, especially about Immortality–we saw this plot last season!  Anyway, these two met about 350 years ago when she was a sassy Queen’s Lady.  Essentially, she’s a lady Musketeer, and it’s awesome.  She and Mac share a lot of sword innuendo and then sexy times.

Mac has a lot of friends who suffer from hysterical amnesia.

Anyway, she isn’t sure he’s telling the truth, but she starts having memories of a man she loved.  He was a judge who put some Immortal (the taxidermist) in jail, and then the taxidermist got out and shot him.  So now she remembers that she’s the Bodyguard, so she shoots one of the assassins and orders a meet with the Immortal Taxidermist.  She breaks into his compound and ta da.  Pretty solid, average episode overall.


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