Exciting Guest Stars

“Diplomatic Immunity,” originally aired October 25, 1997.  Nostalgia and spoilers within.

Ooh, ’60s British episode.  Good call.  Not a good call is the driver who is drinking–and he hits a person, of course.  He pays off the grieving widow on site, though.  But it’s all just a scam–the victim’s Immortal, so he pops back after the drunk driver is gone, and now the happy newly rich couple enjoys swinging London.  Mac, of course, has met this guy ages ago back when he was losing duels for embezzlement, and so when yet another guy in modern day is caught in this con, Mac assures him that everything is fine and Willie (the Immortal) is okay, and they wander off to catch up.

It’s all very merry.  Molly’s a nice lady (and played by Anita Dobson!!  The Highlander universe comes full circle!  And she has my brithday?!!), Mac gives them a loan, la di da.

But then, they weren’t thinking really.  The number one thing I would fear: they try the car con again, but this guy kills Molly when she tries the blackmail.  Poor Molly:(  Of course, Willie wants Revenge, but Mac agrees to help him only if he uses the Law.  He apparently has a friend in the American embassy, so when the partial plate comes as an Embassy car, they go to talk to the friend.  And it’s the friend’s car.  Um.  He has an alibi, but he refuses to say who else could be using his car (I’m guessing son–yep, he has a scene with his son next).  His son’s all bratty (and played by Alexis Denisof).

Since Mac isn’t making progress, Willie sneaks into the embassy as a plumber and then tries to shoot the embassy friend.  Oh dear.  This is why we let Mac handle our problems instead of solving them ourselves.  Come on, he is the Champion against Ahriman.  Anyway, the embassy friend at least didn’t die–although Willie “died.”  The diplomat is trying to cover up for his son, and Mac tries to convince him to do the just thing.  But while they’re having the conversation about that, Willie uses a sniper rifle on him.  And now Mac is going to feel compelled to help the son.

Important for today, Mac really does have a point–the son’s an adult, he can’t hold the father responsible for his choices anymore.

Anyway, Mac tells Willie he killed the wrong man.  Willie really should just let it be.  He already killed one man.  And now Mac’s going to kill him.  But first, Mac makes the son deeply regret his life choices.  Then, he doesn’t kill Willie, but he makes him promise not to hurt the son.  He agrees, and Mac tries to get the son to turn his life around.  I hope he listens.


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