Rewriting History

“Sins of the Father,” originally aired October 18, 1997.  Nostalgia and spoilers within.

I haven’t mentioned this yet, but I think in Season Six they started to do something different with the video.  It looks better.


Mac is playing some game with an retiree, and all seems well until the old man leaves and his car blows up.  My guess is that it’s the woman from the opening flashback (Alex) whose husband was killed because Nazis.  Yep, there she is, with the little boy all grown up (Max), killing people to get their money back.

Mac met her once way back in the day when she killed an unarmed Immortal–because he had killed her lover.  Dear show, did you need to make her dress totally see through?  Cripes.

Anyway, now Mac and Alex Raven get a full introduction.  And then we get a touching tribute to Mac’s katana.  It is probably the MVP of the show, technically speaking, but this is unexpected.  I guess it’s to get Mac back into the fighting mindset?

But back to the story–the old man’s grandson is going to skip town and won’t tell Mac why.  The other Immortal shows up, though, so no more room to hide.  The grandson thinks she’s with the Russian mafia come to collect on money his grandfather borrowed to save his bank.  But he’s a lying liar, because Max and Alex are just trying to find all the Jewish (and other) foreign bank accounts to get their people’s money back.  And it turns out GRANDSON IS THE ONE WHO DID IT because his grandfather was going to give the money back.  Jerk.  So he has his goons kill the Immortals (unsuccessfully, of course), while he goes to kill Max.  The Immortals manage to save Max, grandson topples to death, and they find the grandfather’s confession, so they get all the money.  And Max can feel like he did something with his life.  Hooray.

Then we all feel bad about ourselves for rewriting our past so we can live with what we’ve done.  The moral of today’s episode…


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