Faith Beats Devil, Everytime

“Armageddon,” originally aired October 11, 1997.  Nostalgia and spoilers within.

Trouble against Ahriman continues.  He even attacks on Holy Ground and continues to harass Mac at the barge.

Meanwhile, a monk that Mac knows is having doubts because his brother committed suicide, and the devil likes nothing more than the crisis of a person of faith.  Mac goes to him for his books on the Devil, and the Watcher Archaeologists (I want to be a Watcher Archaeologist) find some cave paintings about a battle with Ahriman ~7000 years ago.  Those Watchers are dead now, but at least Joe and Mac see the paintings.  Joe–with Horton-Ahriman pushing him on–is beginning to feel worse and worse about using his Watchers for this.  And Ahriman tries to make the monk feel worse about his brother’s suicide because wouldn’t he go straight to hell?  Hmm hmm hmm.  Poor guy, I feel your conflict.  Like, I legitimately feel so bad for him now.  These are hard things for us people of faith.

And then Ahriman offers Joe his legs back.  OH JEEZ.  Don’t give into the temptation, Joe.  DON’T DO IT.  (He doesn’t do it)

Mac faces Ahriman on the Astral Plane or something, and Mac figures out that he’s trying to get the monk to commit suicide.  Then Duncan says the sweetest thing ever: “It doesn’t matter if you’ve lost your faith in Him.  Because He hasn’t lost His faith in you.”  #TRUEFAITH

The experience is enough to help Mac defeat him on the Astral Plane.  Aww.  To Faith!  Joe even convinces Mac to take the sword back.  To…violence?  Whatever, we’re good!

And now nobody ever mentions how Mac is the Chosen Champion against Ahriman again.  Some things better not talked about.


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