New Attitude Mac

“Avatar,” originally aired October 4, 1997.  Nostalgia and spoilers within.

It takes both Amanda and Methos to fill Richie’s place in the opening credits.  Seems legit.  The pain is still real.

As per usual, Mac deals with his feelings by training.  Lots and lots of training.  For a year.  Joe’s a little peeved when he returns because he missed Mac, but hey.  He also isn’t sure if he’s going to give Mac Watcher help to defeat Ahriman (my gut says he’ll change his mind and give the help because JOE).  But now Mac has short hair and wears shades, so I guess he’s shady /pun

And then there are bleeding flowers?  And Horton taunting him?  Okay.

But lo, Joe comes to the barge and tells Mac he believes in him.  Aww.  Mac still won’t take his sword back, but that’s as well, because he has to go save the woman with the mind-controlling flower (Sophie) from drowning.  But I guess she actually died of drowning somewhere else?  Sophie was the assistant of the old professor from Season 5.  Yeah, Joe’s right–this is suspicious.  And when Joe investigates the university, Sophie’s stuff has been burned.

Although, I guess Sophie wasn’t actually killed(?), she seems pretty well, but she was talking to Horton-Ahriman, so.  Mac has some things to figure out.  Thankfully, the show does clarify that the real Sophie is dead–Ahriman is using her.  He takes her to the morgue so she’ll believe him, and Mac’s there, too.  Ahriman, like any good demon, tries to tempt Mac into doing what he wants .  Mac resists, but Sophie is more tempted to return to life.  All she has to do is kill Mac, but she really doesn’t want to.  Her brother, though, he’s all ready to keep his sister alive.  So she jumps into the river again–if she’s dead already, her brother won’t kill.  Oh jeez.  This hurts, too.

But Joe and Mac will use Archaeology Powers to stop this.  Yes, yes, they will.  Maybe.  In my experience, research takes a really long time, but.  We’ll see.


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