Alas, Poor Richie (Again)

“Archangel,” originally aired May 23, 1997.  Nostalgia and spoilers within.

Begin the end.

So, this series of episodes teaches us about Zoroastrianism–or, you know, TV version of it.  I’m not an expert.  Some archaeologist finds a statue of Ahriman and knows that Mac is the only one who can fight him.  Or something.  So he tries to warn Mac, but instead, Mac sees Horton and goes after him.  Richie is super confused by all this, because he sees nobody.

Richie and the old man should take this as a serious warning.  But the old man is killed by a mysterious force, so he can’t worry about anything anymore.  And Joe was moving Horton’s body, but it seems to be in the casket.  So Mac is just seeing Dead People–Horton, Kronos, the guy at the morgue.

I guess this is what Ahriman does?

Thankfully, the old man’s granddaughter is all up on her grandfather’s archaeological work, so she knows that he thinks Mac is supposed to be the hero for good.  Mac isn’t sure about this, but Richie’s got to admit that whole Cassandra prophecy might be about this (remember the beginning of this season?).  And Mac fought another seer Immortal a few hundred years ago who said the same thing.  So maybe.  MAYBE.  Richie is determined to help (WHY RICHIE, WHY).

The granddaughter gets haunted by Ahriman, and Highlander has fully taken the turn to the horror genre.  The guys–Methos, Richie, and Joe–decide to go talk to the granddaughter, but don’t get there fast enough.  Her house burns down, and they just see the emergency crews investigating.  Apparently, Mac was the only one seen at the crime.  The guys know that Mac couldn’t have done it, and Mac starts getting haunted by the granddaughter.  Oh, Mac, don’t sleep with a ghost.

Everyone is jumping into it all now, though, and even Richie sees Horton kidnap Joe (while Joe and Methos are talking to Mac).  Richie tries to save Joe.  Mac tries to stop Richie.  Neither of these are a good idea when a ghost-demon-thing is playing with your heads.

I don’t want to watch the next part.




Mac is seeing about 20 people, and somehow he manages to take out Richie, which…kid, I love you, but this is the 3rd time Mac fought you.  Don’t you know to be more careful when Mac’s like this?  Alas, not, and everyone cries.  ;_; Goodbye, Richie.  I will immediately forget that this happened so I can live with myself.

Seriously, I always force-forget that Richie is dead.  Why do you do this to me?


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