Methos/Mary Shelley OTP

“The Modern Prometheus,” originally aired May 16, 1997.  Nostalgia and spoilers within.

Totally addled out of their brains Immortal rockstars should not be allowed to have mortal friends.  They only get them killed by doing dumb stuff like jumping off of bridges.  But this is Lord Byron, and he does what he wants.  He’s also friends with “Doc” (Methos), and the whole gang hangs out at a bar catching up with him.  And the gang is all wtf why didn’t you tell us you’re friends with LORD BYRON?

Well, flashback shows that they’re all very good friends, albeit it different personalities.  Methos even wanted to seduce Mary Shelley.  Those were the days.  Byron was as crazy and tortured then in their height of debauchery.  So much drugs and sex.  All fun and games  until they overdose Mary Shelley and Byron wants to rape her.  Methos stops him because wtf dude, she’s unconscious.  And then Methos becomes Mary Shelley’s muse.  Frankenstein was clearly inspired by a Quickening.

Unfortunately, Byron takes the new guitarist at the bar under his wing, and the gang is suspicious.  If you want to hang with Byron, you have to do the drugs.  Oh no.  Byron believes that without drugs everything is just repetitive and sad.  Or something.  He quotes “Frankenstein” to prove his point.  Methos speaks on his behalf because Byron is brilliant, and to be brilliant you have to be a little off.  He even supports him after he got the young guitarist killed by being a bad influence.  Unfortunately for Methos, Byron won’t skip town and Mac knows that he’s a danger to mortals.  So Mac beheads him while they quote poetry.

BTW, Byron was played by Colin Firth’s little brother.  Ta da.

Otherwise, let’s all be sad.

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