As We Forgive Those

“Forgive Us Our Trespasses,” originally aired May 9, 1997.  Nostalgia and spoilers within.


Amanda’s having a great time, but the new owner of the club (Keane) is Immortal and uses her to find Duncan.  Duncan went through this ragey period where he killed a Lot of English soldiers for Scotland, and this guy wants to make him pay for that.  Duncan didn’t like himself back then, so he now has a lot of guilt about it and the nightmares start.  After all, Keane is acting basically just like Duncan in the judging department.

So Amanda recruits Methos to try to help her convince Mac to forgive himself.  Methos is not really high up on the list of people Mac wants to listen to, but Methos shoots Mac and fights Keane for him.  Unfortunately, Mac wakes up before Methos can finish the job.  Mac tries to talk it out with Keane, but to make matters worse, the other guy who tried to counsel Keane to let the revenge go was Sean Burns–the nice Immortal therapist whom Mac beheaded during the Dark Quickening business.  Ouch.  Mac, you’ve made some bad choices.  So the fight is on, except that the cops come to break up the fight.

Apparently, Amanda planted a stolen necklace so Mac would get arrested for a few years.  lol, flawless.  But it doesn’t work.  Keane is still bent on revenge, Mac gets out of prison, and Amanda tries to speak on his behalf.  But the battle is at hand.  Happily, Mac wins and lets Keane live, because it was all about taking responsibility for his actions.  Forgiveness for everyone!  Hooray, forgiveness.

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