Copycat Cloud

“Double Jeopardy,” originally aired May 2, 1997.  Nostalgia and spoilers within.

This is the other episode that was originally filmed with Season 4.  This just matters because sometimes DVDs or what not will have it in other places.


Some Immortal punk stole Xavier St. Cloud’s bit–jewel theft by poison gas.  And, of course, Mac gets pulled in for questioning by the French Inspector and Special Agent Lady Delaney (remember her?).  For some reason, she missed the memo that Xavier was killed (I thought she was there for that??), and everyone’s being really mean to each other.  They need a time out.

Now, confusingly after all this, there is a guy who is dressed a lot like Xavier at the barge.  Mac runs after him and does recognize him as another immortal–Morgan.  So at least Mac knows who it is!  I thought they would drag out the is-he-secretly-back-because-idk-Magic plot.  Anyway, Morgan/fake!Sting/the Elton guy from that one episode of Doctor Who is the robber.  Mac starts to investigate with Special Agent Lady (who is engaged but still Deeply Attracted to Duncan, uh oh), but he can’t say things like “Morgan’s Immortal because his father stabbed him in the back when he tried to kill his adopted brother to inherit all the things and Xavier found him and became a teacher so of course now he’s a copycat.”  That would make things too easy.

I do love how they use flashbacks to bring back favorite characters.  My life would have been really sad without more Xavier.

Anyway, Morgan learned a lot, and he tried to poison the cops working with Mac–RIP, French Guy.  Mac continues to investigate and does not give much information to Special Agent Lady, but thankfully he had told her the name, so she traced Mac to Morgan’s old family’s chateau.  He gets arrested, which is not going to be very productive.  And lo, he immediately commits suicide under custody and is out of the morgue.  Special Agent Lady just washes her hands of it.  She’s also unsure about the whole her feelings for Mac, but he dodges out to behead Morgan, so it all works out anyway.

Although at the last minute, she does make out with Mac.  But she’s off to get married, bye Delaney.  We’ll miss you.  One of his better love interests.



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