The Secret History of England

“The Stone of Scone,” originally aired April 25, 1997.  Nostalgia and spoilers within.

I hope you are ready for crack, because this is a flashback episode starring everyone’s favorite Fitz, Amanda, and Mac.  First, Fitz and Mac both ruin each others’ terrorist actions against England.  Whoops!?  So they decide to settle on which plan to do–steal the stone or blow up Westminster Abbey–by a gentlemanly game of golf.

Centuries later, they still solve their problems via golf, but Amanda joins because she needs money.  But Fitz cheats at golf, then and now.  Now Mac is pissed, because that means they didn’t steal the Stone.  Instead, in the manner of Fawkes, Fitz wants to bring back the Catholics and get rid of the king.  Mac doesn’t think the blowing up plan will work, so they decide to steal the crown jewels instead.

All this talk makes Amanda want to steal the Stone.  After all, it’s Christmas season, and she deserves something nice.  Oh, Amanda logic.  She happens to know Crimmins, the guy who gave the plans to Mac and Fitz back in the day.  She needs him for some financing for her new plan.  Then she convinces Mac to help her since he wants the Stone, too.  And Fitz feels guilty enough to come offer to help.  So on Christmas, they break into the Abbey, and Amanda is very disappointed that the Stone is…an actual stone.

Of course, now everyone in England is after them, but Amanda is the first one to get caught, and she turns on Hugh because Crimmins is going to behead her for the sour deal.  Mac accidentally breaks the fake!Stone he was crafting, but he works it out with Churchill to get his buddies released for the fake!Stone.  And ta da, the Stone is on a golf course, and all are happy.

Ah, pure whimsy.


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