Dancing with the Immortals

“Duende,” originally aired February 28, 1997.  Nostalgia and spoilers within.

You know what this show was missing?  Flamenco dancing.  Problem fixed.  I bet Adrian Paul loved this, having dance training.

Unfortunately, the flamenco instructor is cray-cray (and an Immortal), and he proposes to someone publicly and then publicly kills her actual fiance.  25 years later, her daughter is dating that Immortal, I guess he’s trying to get back at her mom.  H’awkward.  When she goes out to meet him, Mac and Richie sense him, of course, and that makes Mac nervous.  More nervous is her mother, Anna, who pushes her daughter a lot because of being a mother.

The Immortal (Consone) knew Mac years ago (like…Years ago) when Mac was learning how to flamenco dance.  Mac doesn’t really like him (we learn later that’s because Consone stopped him from marrying a nice Spanish girl.  And then she died in an “accident”), and Anna sees him outside the barge, and she gets really angry.  Nobody likes him.  Of course, her daughter is like wtf mom, there is no way this dude is the same dude from 25 years ago.  So innocent.

But now Mac knows that he has to break up Consone and the daughter, because he’ll marry and kill this one, too.  SIGH.  WORST.  Thankfully, Mac defeats Consone, and the mother and daughter make up.  Hooray.


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