Shaken, Not Stirred

“The Ransom of Richard Redstone,” originally aired February 21, 1997.  Nostalgia and spoilers within.

After those bombshell episodes, we need a silly James Bond-spoof episode.  Right?  I don’t know why Richie is acting like Bond and going to a Casino, but it’s better just not to question.  And apparently, he stole the car, because the owner of the car dealership is harassing Duncan to get it back because Mac was listed as security/support.  Mac decides to pretend Richie is a mafia member, and the owner should just let it go (so Mac can go figure it out).

Richie is making up his own pretend life–as a rich, young businessman.  And so someone poisons him because they want money to save their chateau.

Then we get a hilarious flashback of Duncan in the 70s.  And Richie has to break the bed he’s tied to when he senses another Immortal.  Amazing.  It’s all as ridiculous as it sounds.  But instead of running away with Mac, Richie gets kidnapped again (???).  And since Mac was at this casino in the 70s, he has to pretend to be old.  This is all the most hilarious.

But alas, the money from Mac doesn’t come soon enough, and the bad guys own the house, and the only choice is for the young lady to marry the bad guy to get the house!  DUN DUN DUN.  BUT RICHIE LOVES HER.  ALAS.  ALACK.  So Richie and Mac figure out a way to blackmail the guy–because the guy stole all that money from Mac 20 years ago.  Then Mac finds the chateau’s hidden wine cellar and wtf, everyone’s happy.  And rich.  To friends!

Hooray, friends!


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