Getting the Band Back Together

“Revelations 6:8,” originally aired February 14, 1997.  Nostalgia and spoilers within.

Nice Valentine’s Day present, HL crew.

Kronos and Methos are rounding up the old gang–Silas doing the hermit thing in Ukraine and Caspian in a mental ward for being a cannibal.  But Methos is leaving clues for Mac to find, at least.

The horsemen together are kind of hilarious in this twisted family way, as Methos just looks on going I AM OVER THIS.  Dysfunctional, murderous families~  Kronos is going to poison everyone, which makes Silas sad because Kronos’s testing it on monkeys and Silas likes monkeys.  Methos has to come up with the best plan for this–start small and build.  Silas still doesn’t like it, but Methos looks after him and gets him a pet monkey.

Mac and Cassandra are following the clues, and Mac is still sort of fighting to keep Methos alive, but Cassandra is understandably really upset with all this.  Mac at least says that he will kill Methos if he has to, and Cassandra is pretty sure they will because he’s the brains of the operation.

Methos does call Mac to try to explain things.  Doesn’t really work because Cassandra and he had a weird Stockholm Syndrome relationship, but Kronos said nope to that and Methos didn’t have the guts to say no.  #storyofhislife But Methos does tell  Mac how to disarm the bomb that will release the drug, so.  Of course, Kronos knows this.  So he kidnapped Cassandra and sent Silas and Caspian after Mac while Methos was busy.  Whoops.

Now Methos tries to explain to Cassandra that her “love” was just “Stockholm Syndrome” and she denies that she ever loved him.  Methos keeps trying to work on the plan for his survival, but she guilts Methos enough that he fights Silas to protect her, and Mac is there to fight Kronos, and I’m sorry, but this is the saddest line of the whole show: “I killed Silas!  I LIKED SILAS!”  And you’ve really seen that over these episodes–that Methos was almost fatherly to Silas.  And it hurts.  They’re both terrible human beings, but at the same time, it’s touching.

In a nice touch (for people who know Aeschylus’ Oresteia), Cassandra is about to behead the sobbing Methos with an axe.  A+.  But Mac asks her not to behead him, so they all storm off and feel terrible about everything.  And now we know why Methos tries not to judge everyone–because he’s the most needing to be judged of them all.

Your heart will never recover.  Thank you, HL team.


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