Bronze Age Misadventures

“Comes a Horseman,” originally aired February 7, 1997.  Nostalgia and spoilers within.

The two-parter that changed the show, yet again.

So Methos is having fun on a trivia show, but someone notices him, so he sneaks away when the buzzing happens.  Mac investigates–it’s Koren!  Some criminal Mac knew in the Wild Wild West.  Mac and the good guys “killed” Koren, but he escaped from the casket before Mac could really finish the job.  And now Koren disappears again, but Mac also runs into Cassandra who is also hunting Koren/Kronos!  One of the four horsemen.  No Big Deal.

Yep, back during the Bronze Age, four immortals road around as the ultimate bandits, and Cassandra knew them then.  Ah, I love them so much.  I mean, they’re evil as everything, but just SO EVIL.  I love Horsemen of the Apocalypse plots.  Doing all the things people would do back then.  They were the ones who made Cassandra immortal, too–when they totally destroyed her camp and made her their slave.  Yesh.

Joe doesn’t really believe that these horsemen are The Horsemen, but whatever.  He tries to help Mac and Cassandra find Kronos, but Kronos finds Methos first–plot twist, he’s one of the Horsemen, too.  And Kronos tells Methos to join him or die.  Being a survivor, Methos joins him.  He drops into the dojo to give Mac a heads-up that he’s leaving, and there is Cassandra.  Uh oh.  Now everything breaks down.  Even in the flashback–we get introduced to the other two horsemen, Silas and Caspian, and learn that Methos likes Silas the best, and the horsemen share everything. :////

Methos pretends not to recognize Cassandra, but that doesn’t work very well.  I mean, they all try to give Methos the benefit of the doubt, but come on.  Even Methos isn’t sure he deserves the benefit of the doubt, because he goes back to Kronos and tries to kill him.  And fails.  So they swear they will kill someone for the other–Kronos kills Cassandra for Methos, and Methos kills Mac for Kronos.

Yeah, yeah sure.  Methos is immediately packing his stuff to get out of town after that.  Unfortunately, Mac shows up as Methos is packing up the Jimmy, and the famous “Jimmy scene” ensues.

You need to watch this one:

Now, dramatically take off your coats, boys.

But Methos is trying to play the game.  He saves Cassandra from fighting with Kronos and leads Mac there to fight him.  And then Methos lights the whole place on fire while the two are fighting so Mac can escape.  This is getting complicated, Methos.  But Mac and Cassandra make a pledge to find and kill them–and Methos tells Kronos he did it because he ~was worried someone would die~, but he stays alive because he knows where Silas and Caspian are.  Four Horsemen Reunion!  Next time!  BEST EPISODES!


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