Two Methoses are Better than One

“The Messenger,” originally aired November 29, 1996.  Nostalgia and spoilers within.


He’s for some reason pretending to be Methos and telling Richie they should all stop fighting.  After last episode, you know what, remaking Immortal rules might not be a bad idea.  Who decided this Game was a thing anyway?  Richie tries to convert Duncan to see the light, too, but he’s in the middle of fighting Culbraith, the Confederate leader at Andersonville.  Mac really dislikes him both because of the way he runs Andersonville and because Mac’s friend he was trying to free is there dying of gangrene, and Culbraith won’t help, especially when he gets all depressed because his family died in the war.

So then Mac kills his friend because the infection has spread too much ;____;

;________________; No, no, no, don’t do it. ;_____________________;

So much death.  Unnecessary death.  And Mac is really angry about that, so he’ll kill Culbraith, too.  Richie tries to say nice things about finding reasons to live, forgive, all good things, but Mac gets even more skeptical when Richie says Methos is saying that.  Why would Methos of all people say that?

Well, the real Methos is in Mac’s apartment, so I guess we’ll find out.  Ron Perlman is the other Methos, who likes to spread out this lie, and real Methos doesn’t really care because it gets people off his head.  But, he tries to have a talk with the gang.  It doesn’t work.

The other Methos is doing his recruitment, though, trying to get to Culbraith.  And Mac.  It’s pretty successful.

I do like that other Methos wears the big sweaters like real Methos.  Methos does go to talk to “Methos” about his beliefs, whether or not evil exists, etc., and man, “Methos” does say the best thing: “Can anyone say they lived for 5000 years and say they did nothing? […] It would be pointless.”  OH BURN.  And this dude has a great point, honestly.  He can defend himself, but he refuses to kill.  Isn’t that the way we all really should be?  Richie seems to think so.  Culbraith is less sure, and goes to behead “Methos”.  Richie is likely going to get beheaded, too, but Methos is there to teach survival over morals. Terrible message, but I love him all the same for it, and Mac goes to give Richie his sword, so Richie manages to win.  And feel conflicted.  And then we all feel conflicted.

But really, why don’t the good Immortals all agree not to kill each other??  Like…what’s the repercussion if in the end there is more than one?  Weird.


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