Using Immortality for Evil

“Little Tin God,” originally aired November 23, 1996.  Nostalgia and spoilers within.

Aww, man.  Some rude Immortal shoots a pre-Immortal gospel singer (Derek) and then claims that he’s God and he brought him back to life to kill the Evil One, etc. etc. etc.  Super rude.  And apparently this guy has a whole crew, which he uses to attack Mac.  Mac really needs to figure out a way to go on jogs with his sword.  But they make it to Holy Ground, and Mac realizes that God is Larca, a Peruvian god of the Moche(?) people.  Who knows, Mac ran into them once, and Larca has a point that if someone calls you god, it is hard to argue with it.  So they have a philosophical dialogue about what a god is per se.  They let Mac live, but they kill the people with him, because stranger danger.  Larca wanting to protect the Moche made sense.  Wanting the crew of religious zealots today…less logical, but it seems he only does that to get back at Mac, because their tribe got a sickness and Larca can’t, you know, cure that.  So the tribe turns on Larca then, and Mac runs away.

I feel really bad for Derek, though, who has a lot of praying to do to figure things out.  He talks to his old Reverend who gives him the truth–God is love, not fear, so something is fishy about this God.  The Rev also knows Mac seems trustworthy.  HMM.  Derek still doesn’t want to listen to what Mac says, but the Rev wants to hear it, so they go to Joe’s.  Everything is pretty cool–

Except then the Rev gets the idea to stop Larca himself.  That ends poorly.  At least the Rev doesn’t die, but one of the others is beheaded.  The two remaining of the crew are seriously like wtf and let Mac and Larca fight it out themselves.  Good call.  So Derek goes to train with Carl, the Rev becomes a part-time Watcher, and Mac uses faith as his weapon.  Good call again.


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