Richie’s Bad Day

“Haunted,” originally aired November 16, 1996.  Nostalgia and spoilers within.

So, a friend of Mac’s (Jennifer) is being haunted by her dead husband’s ghost.  Obvs.  So she goes see Mac, of course.  She tells Mac about how her husband (Alec) was beheaded–going after some guy (Kragen) who had killed his wife over a century ago.  So Mac agrees to go after him, and Richie looks after his widow.

One small problem with this–Joe points out that Richie is actually the guy who killed her husband, which explains why Richie is unintentionally hitting on her.  The Quickening really is like transmigration of the soul.  Super awkward to be really attracted to the wife of the guy you killed when you were in your THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE angry phase.  Even worse for her.  Mac doesn’t know any of that yet, though, so he goes and beheads Kragen.

This is why you should never behead people for revenge.

In Richie’s defense, Alec was the one who challenged him.  In Richie’s not-defense WHY DID YOU SLEEP WITH HIS WIDOW, YOU JERK?  And they decide to lie to Jennifer about it all so she can move on with her life.  Unfortunately, since they don’t tell her about the whole Richie-killed-Alec, she thinks it’s a great idea to continue a relationship with Richie.  But at least Richie tells her the truth when she says that.  She rightfully does not take that news well, and she still wants revenge.  So she does the ol’ shoot-and-behead routine, but Mac manages to stop her.  “Killing doesn’t bring peace.”  Truth, show. Truth.

Now, let’s all sit and feel sad about all the mistakes we’ve made.  Till next time.


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