Bonnie and Clyde: Highlander Edition

“Money No Object,” originally aired November 8, 1996.  Nostalgia and spoilers within.

So Amanda and Richie are going to a sketchy bank which happens to be mid-robbery–by an Old Friend of Amanda’s–Cory!  Of course, Richie doesn’t understand that when Cory uses Amanda as getaway safety, it’s all fun.  She’s really enjoying reliving her ’20s days, but Richie gets driven off into the river.  Twice.  Haha, Richie.  So Richie and Mac try to find them, and Mac pretends to be a French film director to get information from a car repair guy about the classic car Richie recognized.

I love, love, love these hilarious episodes in the later seasons.  It’s like they got together and said ‘Let’s Have Fun.’  It’s kind of the way I feel about the classic X-Men characters.  I don’t care what they do, I just want to see them hanging out.  That’s why I see all the X-Films.

Anyway, Mac and Richie eventually find Amanda and Cory having a fun time, and it’s clear that Mac still has issues about this guy–Amanda even had said that Richie was her boyfriend so Cory wouldn’t know Mac was around.  Didn’t work, of course.  But back in the ’20s, Amanda wanted to leave the circus and the duo happened to see Cory stealing money from an armored car.  From there, they pretty easily get entangled into his life of crime.  Mac pulls out while they do full out Bonnie and Clyde.  But he’s always there to dig them up…

This causes some relationship troubles between Mac and Amanda.  She is really tempted to do the big robbery Cory’s planning–although she’s not interested in the sexy times.  Richie tries to convince her not to do it, and she tries to convince him to join, but Richie got over his delinquent days.  But while people are out planning things, Amanda gets arrested by the cops looking into the original robbery.  And there’s a marching band going by the car that’s going to explode as the distraction for the armored car.  DRAMA.  But we know nobody’s going to get hurt because this is one of the fun episodes.  So Mac gets blown up, and then they realize it wasn’t the real cops, it was a rotten cop who got Amanda.  They get her out safely and blow up Cory for great justice.

Oh, Immortals.  It’s like watching the gods in the Iliad.  All is fun and games for them.

It ends on a little bit of a serious note, because Amanda decides to leave, but Mac’s wearing a three-piece suit again, so that’s something to brighten our day.  A good start to Season 5, all in all.


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