Highlander: The Romance

“Dramatic License,” originally aired November 1, 1996.  Nostalgia and spoilers within.

Yesssssssss, hilarity you may have guessed coming.  We open with Mac getting in a particularly unrealistic duel over a woman, and it turns out it’s unrealistic for a reason–someone (Carolyn Marsh) is reading this at a book reading!  And Amanda is there, demanding to know what happens!  It’s not every day someone is writing romance novels starring Duncan MacLeod, right?  Except every romance book ever.  Anyway.  So Amanda goes to Mac to figure it out, and he tells her the real story where he met the immortal Coventry trying to stop a thief.

And when he tries to figure out the whole book situation, Carolyn shows up to try to convince him to be the model for her Duncan.  He agrees to think about it just because she might research him.  While he and Amanda are at a press party, Coventry shows up to get his revenge, and he and Amanda get along well.  Which means Mac decides to sneak out with Carolyn, which she takes the wrong way, because she tries to seduce him.

Amanda gets home, and she gets annoyed. Coventry also shows up, wasted, and punches Mac for getting involved with Carolyn.  And then he falls asleep in the dojo while Mac is trying to keep everyone away from everyone else.  Hilarity!

So the next morning, Mac convinces Carolyn to tell him the truth about Coventry–they were together.  And so at the book signing, Coventry kidnaps Carolyn, and Mac has to go after her.  But Coventry is just trying to get back together with her, and she’s considering it.  So she goes to buy a dress, and Amanda is wearing the same one.  They get into a vicious fight, and Amanda makes her cry.  So Carolyn tells the truth that she’s in love with Coventry but anxious about all the Immortality stuff.  Amanda realizes that Coventry might actually kill Mac, so they run off to their house to see the guys fighting.  And then everyone makes up!

This…episode is hilarious and totally not serious and should just be enjoyed.


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