Assassins Never Prosper

“Glory Days,” originally aired October 25, 1996.  Nostalgia and spoilers within.

So, there’s an assassin.  But that’s not important, because after the credits, Joe’s (ex?) Betsy walks into the bar, and she wants to catch up.  Mac doesn’t understand why Joe’s unsure about this.  But when Mac goes to the storage locker for Joe’s errands, he runs into the assassin–Johnny K.  He wanted to be a gangster and ignored Mac’s attempts to teach him about Immortality.  I guess he got by through shooting people, because that’s what he does to Mac.

We learn that Joe does want to date Bet because they were high school sweethearts and he was the football star, but he feels uncomfortable because of his disability. Aww.  Joe.  They end up going out, and Betsy better not break Joe’s heart, or I’ll punch her.  And she does, because she’s married, so she goes back home:(  Bye, Bet.  I’d feel pretty terrible cheating on my husband or sleeping with someone who was married, but, okay.  They part amicably.

Mac at least finally outsmarts Johnny with some real Home Alone logic.  Eh.  Fine.


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