Baseball Brings People Together

“Manhunt,” originally aired October 18, 1996.  Nostalgia and spoilers within.

Everyone loves Carl Robinson<3  Except the Immortal who showed up on top of the stadium to fight him.  Carl wins, but the kids who wanted his autograph were still hanging around so…yeah, we all know this looks bad.  His team and everyone sees.  This is why Immortals can’t be famous.  Mac meets up with Carl and offers to help him start his life over.

For some reason, Mac is wearing a three-piece suit in this episode.  ???

Meanwhile serial killer investigator dude–Matthew McCormick–investigates.  And it turns out this guy is not just also an Immortal but also Carl’s former owner–but so far, we don’t know if he’s really good or evil, because he saved Carl’s life from returning him to his owner after her ran away/became immortal and trained him on how to be an Immortal.  The problem was a bit later when Matthew asked Carl not to kill his previous owner, but Carl did.  Given how many Englishmen Mac has killed for SCOTLAND, he should probably understand.  But in the fuzzy reality of Highlander ethics, Mac judges everyone for this whole thing.

But thankfully(?), the team manager confesses because Carl being on the team is the most important thing.  Mac gets really pissed about this all.  So Carl goes to talk to his friend in holding, and they have a heart-to-heart about racism and jealousy and how they love each other–more or less.  But Carl really, really likes his job.  So there’s confusion on what to do, and when Matthew and Carl are about to fight, Mac reminds them that forgiveness is an option.  Forgiveness and mercy is the only way to get out of fights for centuries long grudges.  Yeah, okay, I can get behind that.

So they set up a whole thing where they “catch” Carl, and he dies in the shoot out.  And we’re all sad.  Too soon, too soon.  But Carl says goodbye to his manager, and we all learn that all lives have value.  Hooray.


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