Get it? Cassandra’s a Prophet

“Prophecy,” originally aired October 4, 1996.  Nostalgia and spoilers within.

I always find this episode uncomfortable, because a) prophecy in Highlander, really?, and b) Cassandra totally hits on MacLeod when he’s like fourteen.  Ew.

But anyway.

So someone comes in to talk to some PI or something and uses ~mind control~ to get him to tell him about Cassandra and what she wanted.  It’s like the freaking Voice of Saruman.  Ummm, okay.  It’s not that I dislike  magical stuff in general, really.  I love fantasy genre stuff.  But really, there are Immortals, that’s enough.

Anyway.  Then he shoots him.  Poor guy.

Mac, meanwhile, goes back to the dojo and has a lot of feelings.  But the feelings don’t last long because Cassandra is waiting for him upstairs–she met him back when he was a boy in Scotland, and she was the Witch of the Woods.  And…she had a pet wolf?  She was a shapeshifter?  Or I guess she just kills the wolf and saves Mac.  Seriously, what show am I watching?  And MacLeod was born on the winter solstice and has some prophecy about him.

I am totally with Mac’s skepticism on this, and that the guy with the vocal powers, Roland Kantos, has something to do with it, too.  And apparently, back in the day, Roland was also looking for Mac because of this same prophecy.  Mac’s going to fight him to be done with it, but it doesn’t go well, and Cassandra uses a Sonic Scream or something to break up the fight.  Have I mentioned I sort of hate this episode?  The prophecy says that only Duncan can defeat Kantos (and she also gets other random vision flashes, too, because), Cassandra’s former student who turned on her.  But despite the prophecy, she doesn’t think Mac is ready?  So she mind whammies him to get out instead of fighting.  And then he talks to his fourteen year old self?  I…okay.  Sure.  And the kid points out that if there’s magic in the voice YOU JUST DON’T LISTEN TO THEM.  Nice Odyssey thinking, so Mac wins, the end, Cassandra sleeps with him, okay, let’s get out of this weirdness and back to normal Highlander plots.  Thank you.


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