This is the End, My Friend (Seriously This Time)

“One Minute to Midnight,” originally aired September 27, 1996.  Nostalgia and spoilers within.  This episode has a sexual assault.

Now, there are two episodes in Season 5 air-schedule that were actually filmed as part of Season 4.  I’ll label them as Season 4, but discuss them in air sequence.

And the first is the second part of the cliffhanger, originally aired to wrap up the season.  They probably decided cliffhangers would be better for retaining viewers.  I’d certainly come back to figure out what happened in the big Watcher v. Immortal showdown.

So the Watchers are stirring up one another to kill Duncan MacLeod.  Methos is super uncomfortable with that idea, but good thing he’s still with the Watchers.  There are quite a few intense run-ins, but then Mac finally runs into the other Immortal who is attacking Watchers–his Old Friend Jacob!  Jacob can get pretty Intense about Gypsy Justice, like when his wife was raped and–since people treated her like crap for being a gypsy–he killed some people.  They had to leave their people after that, and Mac raises the point that um, maybe you should have consulted with Irena before you totally changed their lives.

But anyway.

Jacob is now killing Watchers because Horton and his crew killed Irena.  Mac tries to explain it to Joe, and there is a lot of shouting because we all have a lot of feelings because all our friends are dying.  Methos decides to try to talk to Joe himself, since he’s a Watcher, too.  But all they do is head into Watcher HQ and be sassy to one another.  Mac is having even less success with Jacob, and I am about out of sympathy.  Irena should have survived instead of this dude.  The Watchers would probably agree, and they agree to go after Jacob and let Mac go.  Nobody feels super great about this, but what can  you do?  Joe is also too naive to be believed, because he thought the Watchers would at least listen to Jacob.

Hahaha, what, why would you ever think that after what just happened?

Mac shows up at HQ, and everybody fights each other, but Jacob still gets beheaded by the Watchers.  In case we didn’t know that everything is all screwed up, during the Quickening, there is a burning cross of flowers.  Okay.  Everything is terrible, we get it.  Joe and Joe’s gun are Done. With. It, so they all walk out.

Mac, Methos, and Joe meet up in a dark alley afterwards, and they all feel bad about their life choices.  Mac is pissed, Joe apologizes because he wanted them to talk and he wants to all get along, and Methos is all ethically confused because he just helped set up an Immortal, and that doesn’t seem right, even to Methos.  Joe tells Watcher Head that Mac will still be after him, and the Watcher v. Immortal war in imminent.  Shapiro has gone to Horton-thinking town and doesn’t worry–the Watchers can totally take out the Immortals, no worries.  And just then Mac breaks in to kill Shapiro.  But he just traps him in a coffin to make him think about his choices.  The Watchers let Mac leave, so the war is over.  But Methos ran away, and nothing will ever be the same.  The end.



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