This is the End, My Friend

“Judgment Day,” originally aired May 25, 1996.  Nostalgia and spoilers within.

We all knew this day was coming.  Full out Watchers v. Immortals.

So Joe gets a call from a Watcher buddy because Mac died–and Joe is tending his bar instead of actually watching his Immortal.  But when he shows up at the barge to do his terminal report, Mac is there.  And then Joe gets kidnapped.  Methos drops in to let Mac know that something is up with the Watchers–they might be getting together a tribunal for treason.


Joe is already getting punishment enough because he’s being kept in a room with giant toy soldiers.  Who decorated that room?  Joe is pretty upset with the proceedings, but it only gets worse when Mac breaks in to try to rescue him.  And Mac admits that he’s been telling his friends about the Watchers, and…more and more Watchers are getting killed.  Oops.  Mac and Joe provide lots of flashbacks to the series to justify their actions, but we all know that Joe did break his Watcher Oath, and no amount of justification is going to help Mac and Joe now.

But still, we are stuck with a lot of flashbacks.

Mac manages to convince them to at least give Joe a jury, but only if he is judged, too.  So Mac and Joe are stuck in the creepy kids’ room (SERIOUSLY, WHERE DID THIS COME FROM?).  The next morning, they have the trial and talk about Joe’s falsified reports.  Methos comes in to try to speak on their behalf, which is very sweet.

Meanwhile, the Immortal Jacob Galati is pretending to be a Watcher and killing Watchers–you can’t blame this one on Mac!  For once!  But they get news of this during the trial, and the Watcher killed was the leader’s son, so the other Watcher bigshots…you know, order the execution.  During the night, Mac tries to run away again, but Joe is willing to take the punishment because HE BROKE HIS OATH.  Mac leaves him there to die, but he does feel very guilty about it.  Methos does his best to try to get him to just go on vacation, but Mac has to go back.

Joe is ready for it.  READY.  But right when it’s all about to go down, that Immortal shot up the whole place.  Joe, ironically, is the only one left alive.  Not that we know because CLIFFHANGER.



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