Gonna Get Married

“Till Death,” originally aired May 18, 1996.  Nostalgia and spoilers within.

Remember the overdramatic Immortal from “The Vampire”?  Who could forget him!  And the makers of Highlander loved his actor so much, they brought him back.  But not as a fake vampire.  Instead, he’s just a normal old Immortal who likes to role play (if you know what I mean) with his Immortal wife.  Nothing says romance like a swordfight before sexy times.  Whatever works, I guess.  Especially since they’ve been married 300 years, and they renew their vows every 100 years.

Mac gets an invitation to the newest round, and he remembers back when Fitz and Mac were super in love with Gina.  And she convinced them to sneak into her future husband’s (Robert) to steal something back.  He didn’t realize he stole from her, and–smitten by one another’s beauty–they agree to make up.  And Fitz and Mac go out together instead.  A while later, Gina invites them both to be her best men.

Unfortunately, 300 years in, they are having some marital troubles.  Gina and Robert are fighting over everything about their wedding.  Robert thinks they might be done for, but that just makes Mac remember their 100th anniversary (where the shrink Mac recently killed was also a guest!) where they were almost beheaded during the French Revolution.  Robert’s near death experience made Gina love him all the more–so there’s an idea.  When Gina requests a divorce, the guys decide to fake-attempt to kill Robert to rekindle the old flame.  It would work for me, this guy really is poor man’s David Bowie.

But they need someone who can actually challenge Robert convincingly, so Mac asks Methos, who initially refuses.  Because really.  He could get beheaded for that.  But Mac offers him the barge–or, really, Methos demands the barge because if he’s going to die, he better get something good.  Methos’ instincts were right–the plan goes well, except Gina swears to kill Methos if she sees him again.  So Methos demands the barge keys and enjoys his new home…until Gina shows up there to tell Mac something.

We don’t actually get what happens between them, but Methos and Gina must have gotten along famously, because they decide to trick Mac and Robert into thinking she beheaded him.   We also learn that Methos is a Queen fan.  Nice self-referential moment, show.  Afterwards, Methos pretends he’s going to give the barge to Gina and Robert just to annoy Mac.  Best friends.  This is such a pleasant episode.


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