Bonnie Drunk Charlie

“Through a Glass, Darkly,” originally aired May 12, 1996.  Nostalgia and spoilers within.

Methos and Mac are burying Alexa when they feel another Immortal.  Mac investigates, and it turns out the Immortal is one of Duncan’s old Scottish crew from when he was helping Bonnie Prince Charlie, Cochran.  Cochran doesn’t seem to recognize him, so Mac is really confused.  Methos’ only suggestion is that Cochran is trying to throw him off his game #trustnoone.  I think he’s probably just another in a long line of Immortals who have gone crazy because their lives are crazy.

But the cops pick up Mac for attacking Cochran with a sword, but the guy says he doesn’t know him now.  He seems to have some sort of confusing amnesia about lightning and Scots and what.  He doesn’t even recognize his wife, so the amnesia must have been very recent.  And she doesn’t seem to know anything about the whole Immortality thing–which really, someone should make that another rule.  You need to tell your spouse about your Immortality.

So he goes to Methos for advice, who is busy drying out old Roman recipes, and Methos knows that the amnesia can’t be physical.  Cochran’s having a lot of weird flashbacks of times back in Old Scotland (which his wife must wtf at) and also he seemed to be training someone to replace him in the cause for SCOTLAND–I’m guessing he had to kill that guy and that’s what has upset him?

Mac isn’t sure what to do, and Methos helpfully suggests just beheading him.  Methos is such a nice balance to Mac.  Mac doesn’t go for that, and so he tries to tell Cochran the truth.  Cochran has more horrific flashbacks about his life because Immortality is pain and war.  He also really hates Mac because he blames Mac for fouling up work with Bonnie Prince Charlie.  SCOTLAND FOREVER.  You better believe HE’D be voting for Scotland to withdrawal.

Mac remembers things a LITTLE differently…like, Charlie is an old alcoholic who cannot be trusted in battle–if you remember, Mac served Charlie about 40 years before this in the episode “Take Back The Night.”  Lesson: We all remember the same event differently.  Anyway, the Watchers and the police both figure out that Cochran beheaded his student because he didn’t want the Cause.  Cochran’s memories come back, and so he challenges Mac because WOW he feels guilty.  But Mac can’t kill his friend (this time), so he’ll have to live with the guilt.  Guiiiiiilt.  But Mac and Methos think it’s ultimately better to remember.  Because they have friends they want to remember.  Aww.  Do it for your friends:(


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