Mr. Bingley Goes to the Circus

“The Immortal Cimoli,” originally aired May 5, 1996.  Nostalgia and spoilers within.

Aww, a circus.  We haven’t had a circus in a while.  But the performer’s Italian mama has no patience for this bs.  Poor mama.  I would give up my dreams for good tiramisu.  Unfortunately, when Cimoli goes outside, he gets killed in by a truck–Highlander, where someone dies in the first two minutes, but they’ll be back.

Cimoli decides that this will be a Great Circus Act (??? who comes back to life and thinks YES THE PERFECT ACT?), and, ta da, Mac and Amanda are there for his first performance!  Yeah…


Anyway, Mr. Bingley does not impress Amanda and Mac, and they explain the whole beheading etc. etc. business, but he just wants to do his show.  And unfortunately, this guy, like his P&P predecessor, is too innocent for his own good, so he’s taking his time training and doesn’t seem to realize that showing off his immortality might get Bad Attention.  Like the guy who comes to his trailer to take his head.  The clowns (for once) save the day, but Bingley’s in a pickle.  So he goes to Mac!  And Mac, of course, knows the guy who is after Bingley (Damon Case) because he went after some other kid that Mac trained who liked to show off.  Case is sort of an interesting guy–he takes his immortality seriously and prays a lot before and after killing.  Which reminds me that I so could not be an Immortal.

Anyway, Cimoli is really upset and agrees to do whatever Mac says.  But he isn’t sure he can leave his mama.  So Mac does kill Case to try to give the kid some breathing room, and there’s lots of Gregorian chants in the background.  Looking back, I wonder–was this show perfect for me, or because I watched it, I became the perfect audience member?  Either way, this season rocks.

Unfortunately, when Mac goes to tell Cimoli the good news, Cimoli cons Mac into being handcuffed and almost beheaded.  Cimoli feels upset that he almost killed Mac since Mac killed Case and all, but not leaving mama is worth it.  Of course, when he gets to Las Vegas to continue his show, he’s immediately beheaded.  Sad, but kind of karma.

But Mac and Amanda have fun joining the circus for a while, and I think they both deserve that break.


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