Best Speech on Mortality, or Best?

“Methuselah’s Gift,” originally aired April 28, 1996.  Nostalgia and spoilers within.

If you have not been convinced by the total awesomeness that is Methos, this episode will do it.  Amazing acting all around, especially by (Dr.) Peter Wingfield.  This one is also directed by our marvelous Adrian Paul!  Precious actors!

But we start off with Amanda getting attacked at her flat.  By mortals.  Must be evil Watchers, right?  So she is super freaked out about it and tells Mac, who at first doesn’t believe her (as he never does), but clearly, they meant beheading business.

Or maybe it’s Methos.  He’s doing research (ah, tedious research) into the Methuselah stone, and if we remember “Legacy,” that’s what Luther was trying to collect from all of Rebecca’s students, including Amanda.  Methos talks to his boss about it, because the Watchers have all but Amanda’s piece.  He is really, really tempted to go get it.  HMM.

Mac and Amanda haven’t figured out what people are after, of course, but they interrogate Amanda’s Watcher (Dan) about what he saw.  He is Useless because Watchers are Useless 80% of the time (the other 20%, they’re evil).  Mac and Amanda are much more useful, and they find one of the guys who tried to kill Amanda…and he’s dying.  Whoops.  But the duo figure out that they’re after the magic shard, so that is something.  Insert Mac’s disbelief that magic exists even though he LITERALLY JUST had a Dark Quickening because of absorbing evil and then he fought himself in a magic spring.  So…Mac, your argument is invalid.  But whatever he thinks, people want it, and Amanda is really pissed that the Watchers have taken the other crystals.  So she’s going to get it back.  Unfortunately, Methos is trying to steal the stones at the same time, so she assumes he tried to kill her, which is not a terrible assumption to make.

Mac meets with Methos to try to sort it out, and he figures out that Methos wants the stone to try to save Alexa.  Methos, being Methos, neither confirms nor denies whether he sent the mortals to kill Amanda.  Interesting life choice, but I guess Methos wouldn’t trust anyone in his position, so he doesn’t expect Mac to trust him?  I guess?  Methos and Amanda are a lot alike, too, because she doesn’t trust the old guy and decides to meet him at some train depot, where she almost gets run over–by the evil mortals, but she blames Methos when he shows up.  Dude, his wife is dying.  Give him a break.  So they fight until Methos wins, doesn’t take her head, and then has a mental breakdown with the best monologue of the show to date.

“Three weeks ago, we were standing on a beach on Santorini watching the sun rise over the Mediterranean. Now she is lying in a hospital in Switzerland breathing through a tube. You think it takes courage to do what we do? Face another Immortal with a sword knowing only one of you will live? You try being her! You try living one year knowing that your time is running out, knowing that when it comes to the final fight, however much you train, whatever tricks you have — you still lose! That’s the way it is for them. There’s so little time for them to see anything or do anything.”  ;______;


So they make up, because who could be mad at Methos after that speech?  She helps him break in to get the stone, too.  Complicated by the fact that there’s a random cat in Watcher HQ that might disturb the sensors.  I have no idea how that happened, but I think people just wanted Methos with a cat.  I certainly needed that.  Unfortunately, the evil Watchers catch her–the evil Watchers being Methos’ boss and Amanda’s Watcher.  Doubly unfortunately, they shoot Methos as Amanda escapes.

Missed opportunity–Methos should have pretended this was his first death.  Come on.  Really.  But he doesn’t think of that, probably because he just died, so the Watchers feel all betrayed and decide to behead him.  But Amanda’s Watcher thinks they can do a switch–crystals for Methos, and everyone agrees to an exciting hostage situation on a BRIDGE, no less.  But at the exchange, it turns out Amanda’s Watcher is an evil Mastermind and wants the crystal to become Immortal himself.  Thankfully, the gang planned for this, and there are explosions, and three Immortals can take out a few mortals, no problems.

No wonder mortals sort of hate them.

Then everyone feels sad because Alexa’s going to die soon.  Sad sad.  At some point, I want to read “An Evening at Joe’s,” which has more information about what was going on during this time with Methos and Alexa.  But for now, I will just be sad.


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