Like the Greek Gods, Immortals Should Never Offer Promises

“Promises,” originally aired March 2, 1996.  Nostalgia and spoilers within.

So Mac and Rachel are getting to know each other in Paris when Mac saves the life of the President of …some Arab country, I don’t know if they actually said.  Pro-tip, they’re not all the same.  But since I don’t know which one it is, I’m saying nothing.  Mac happens to know one of the president’s bodyguards, and he (Kassim) fills Mac in that they actually want to assassinate the president and put the minister of education on the throne, because he is of the blood of the house of Al Deneb.  Sure, why not?  Kassim promised the last ruler that much when the Spaniards kicked them out of Spain.  Kassim also realizes that Mac is could be the assassin!  So, flawless plan.

Except that whole Mac-has-major-problems-with-this.  But Mac also owes Kassim a major favor because Kassim let him escape with some prisoner Mac was friends with back in the day.  Mac should not make promises to Immortals.  They’re always wanting him to kill somebody or not kill somebody.

Mac stays noncommittal, but Kassim mails him a gun the next morning, which makes Rachel go from worried to Worried.  Mac actually thinks about making the shot, but he doesn’t, so Kassim tries to act.  It doesn’t work.

Mac returns to the barge, brooding and thinking about Darius.  There is never a wrong time to think about Darius.  Kassim is very unimpressed, because now he is dead for all people know, so he challenges Mac.  Mac tries to fix things by meeting with Al Deneb to warn him that his life is in danger (although Al Deneb already has his eyes on the prize of ruling, so the warning was a little unnecessary).  But the real lesson for us all is don’t get involved in politics and coups.  The barge is burned down.  Al Deneb is killed despite the promise to Mac.  Mac hides the complexity of his problem from the police (although THIS TIME, I think he really should have told the cops the truth??), and Kassim is the one who kidnapped Rachel to get Mac to fight him.  Which he does with shirt unbuttoned.  Interesting style choice.  It did make it easier for him to take his shirt off about thirty seconds into the fight.  Sometimes, this show does not try not to be shallow.  Fanservice aside (or included), I do like this fight scene.  Mac even lets Kassim live.  Still, Rachel decides getting used as bait is for suckers, and she returns to Scotland.  Wise choice, Rachel.  Mac does change his mind to kill the president/tyrant (too late, dude?), but Kassim will forgive him.

The end?  DUN DUN DUN.

(Yes, the end, we never see any of these people again)


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