Deliver Us From Evil

“Deliverance,” originally aired February 25, 1996.  Nostalgia and spoilers within.

Evil!Mac on a ship for a while has at least not murdered anyone (YET), but he does get kicked off.  The part of him that is still Mac calls his old friend Sean THE ONE BRILLIANT IMMORTAL WHO REALIZED IMMORTALS NEED IMMORTAL THERAPISTS.  Seriously, more Immortals need to go into mental health and social services, especially since all Immortals are orphans.  Just…missed life goals, here.

But then Mac sees the captain who tossed him off, so he goes evil again–by beating up the captain and then cozying up to his wife.  She has some serious morning after regrets.  As in, tossing boiling water in Mac’s face when her husband shows up.  (We know he’s super evil since he’s wearing an earring.)

Anyway, so Mac is getting all shot up and beat up, but Methos is waiting for him in a car outside.  Mac, you better appreciate this, because Methos should be on his honeymoon. REMEMBER ALEXA.  Methos takes him to church and tries to pep talk him out of this, but Mac has a major case of the evils, so it doesn’t go very well.  Instead, Mac goes outside and steals a car.  Methos really, really thinks Mac is worth saving, though, because he’s the main character.  Er.  He’s a really Good Guy.  It is pretty sweet how often Methos goes out of his way to make sure Mac stays well despite Methos’ own ambiguous nature.

Mac goes to talk to Sean about the psychology of Immortals, but sadly, Methos doesn’t get there early enough and Sean’s psychoanalysis isn’t good enough.  Bye, Sean.  But maybe some of Sean’s goodness will rub off on Mac?  Methos is pretty sure he has to behead Mac now, though, and he isn’t very happy about that.  Again, he should be with Alexa.  COME ON.  PRIORITIES.

Mac rolls out of there back to the barge, and I’m waiting for “Dust in the Wind” and Tessa flashbacks.  Nothing happens, though, so we all rage quit the barge.  Instead, he gets to Darius’ parish and we all feel that one.  Crying at the front of a church, I’ve been there, Mac.  It’s cathartic, I promise.  Methos shows up, and he reminds Mac that there are good Immortals in his mind, too.  So Methos drives him out to some magical spring and gives him the MacLeod clan sword to go..commune with.  In the spring.  Whatever it is, there seems to be fireworks, and it seems to work after he ~fights himself~.  Evil himself is even more annoying in this form, although he does call himself “Dunky” and that cracks me up.

Anyway, all is well, Methos returns to Alexa in Athens where he should be, and Rachel MacLeod is at the barge to help Mac clean up because…she owes him, I guess.  I was never really comfortable with the sexual tension between Mac and Rachel, but that’s just me.  Mac isn’t evil, though, so it’s all good at the end.


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