I Like It Square

“Something Wicked,” originally aired February 18, 1996.  Nostalgia and spoilers within.

So, Mac’s friend Coltec is a hayoka, which means he absorbs evil.  I’m always a little skeptical when there’s other supernatural stuff on this show, but Richie and Mac have a nice conversation about it as they go to meet him.  Unfortunately, Coltec killed an evil Immortal before the meeting, and now he has absorbed too much evil.  Mac doesn’t understand why Coltec attacks him and Richie immediately, because when Mac first met him back when he was FULL OF RAGE for people killing his Sioux family, Coltec helped him move on by using his powers.

So what is a Mac to do?

He talks to Joe, of course.  And they think it might be a Dark Quickening–when good guys go bad because of all the evil powers they absorb.  So Mac has to try to help Coltec, which leads to swordfights.  But the most important part of the episode is the flashback where Mac is so not a beat poet.  Being square is awesome, I feel you, Duncan.

So Mac takes Coltec to holy ground to try to talk some sense into him.  It is not super effective.  And meanwhile Joe is telling Richie about “It’s a Wonderful Life” which…REMEMBER THIS FOR SEASON 6.  Richie just gets frustrated and tells Joe to find Mac because “You’re a Watcher, damn it, it’s YOUR JOB.”  Speak for the audience, Richie.  But Mac drops in, sparing Joe having to do anything and letting him stay at the bar.  Joe’s real calling.

Mac is off again in an instant to behead Coltec.  Richie apparently guilted Joe into doing his job, because Joe is watching, too.  I hope they’re all concerned that Mac beheading someone with a Dark Quickening might backfire.  You can tell that he’s evil because he’s forcing people to take shots of tequila.  In case that wasn’t enough, he then tries to take Richie’s head.  And that is the most painful moment ever (but also the second time this has happened on the show, but this time it is way worse).  Of course, Richie should have seen this coming and should know that Mac isn’t really himself, but Richie just feels 100 levels of betrayed.  Thankfully, Joe’s gun saves the day.

It must be really fun to act like evil!Duncan, though.  I hope Adrian Paul had fun.

Despite him being crazy, Joe can’t kill him and sets him free.  The act of kindness makes evil!Duncan feel all funny so he hops on a boat across the Atlantic.  Must be time to go to Paris!

What a dramatic midpoint!  We’ll see how this resolves next time!


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