“The Blitz,” originally aired February 11, 1996.  Nostalgia and spoilers within.

Season 4 was when I started watching Highlander episodes–not in its original run, but on FX or USA or something.  Right around these episodes.  And a heartbreaking start it would be.  Here, someone blew up the Seacouver subway, and Anne goes down to do the doctor thing even though its unstable.  Of course, she gets trapped.  And OF COURSE, Mac and Richie go in after her.  The chaos reminds Mac of The Blitz, where he was with a very sassy reporter.  She wants to report on the airstrikes, which we can assume will not end well.  And yep, they end up trapped in a stairway:/  With a gas leak:////  Bye, Diana.  We liked you.

Meanwhile, Mac and Richie are still helping people out, which is great and all, but Anne is stuck elsewhere and the stress makes her go into labor.  Um.  Jeez, why don’t I remember the Pregnant!Anne plotline??  But Mac finds her, and he and the woman Anne was rescuing help her give birth.  So at least that ended better than Duncan’s last time trapped underground.  Pretty sure this is not a premature baby, but WHATEVER.  TV BABIES.  Anne names the baby after Mac’s mom, Mary, and Mac gives Anne the house he built.  Aww.  Everything is aww.

Not actually the best episode in Season 4, but at least there’s closure with Anne.


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