The Alternative is Unthinkable

“Timeless,” originally aired February 4, 1996.  Nostalgia and spoilers within.

One of Mac’s kids-he-looks-after, Claudia Jardine, is an amazing pianist.  And a pre-Immortal that someone wants to die.  Mac’s concerned, especially when he realizes it’s an old friend (Walter) who just wants to be her immortal manager.  He’s one of those consummate performers who helped Shakespeare and stuff.  That’s cool, I guess.

Meanwhile, Joe is trying to explain baseball to Methos but he’s more interested in hitting on the waitress.  Joe tries to get him to cut it out, but it doesn’t work.  He is SMITTEN with Alexa.  Meeethos.  5000 year old man, still socially awkward.  Heart.  So he goes back to Joe’s to try to get a date.  She agrees, and then cancels, because she has cancer.  OF COURSE.  WHAT.  Joe is Very Skeptical about his arm-twisting and her condition.  Methos and Alexa have a heart-to-heart about it.  She changes her mind, and Methos gets a little pushy, but he does offer her plane tickets to anywhere when he comes to her house, which, you know, is pretty nice.  So.  I’d go with Methos, though, so my judgment is skewed.  I would follow Methos pretty much anywhere.  For all of his flaws and mean comments, he’s nicer than he seems.

Meanwhile, I guess there’s a main plot?  Walter eventually kills Claudia, and she’s pretty excited about the truth of her Immortality because she can be awesome forever.  But she loses her awesome skills.  Because mortals do it better.  Insert vague lessons about mortality creating beauty.  Mac promises to still care about her even though she sucks at piano, and she starts feeling a little better.  But then when Mac is taking her to Holy Ground, Walter thinks about beheading her.  Mac and Walter almost fight, but they decide to get along.  The jolt of thinking she could die made Claudia remember how to play the piano, at least.  So she decides not to learn how to swordfight, while Methos and Alexa ride off into the sunset together.  OTP.

AWW.  Seriously one of my favorite episodes.  Season 4 is so great.  Have I mentioned that yet?  Because it is.


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