Roses are Red, Violets are Blue, Chivalry is Dead, and So Are You

“Chivalry,” originally aired December 3, 1995.  Nostalgia and spoilers within.

So back in the day, Mac saved a coach from being robbed that was carrying a lady Immortal.  Of course, they end up where Mac ends up with most women–in bed.

But now, Richie and Mac are back to working on the house and talking about the perks of immortality.  Richie then has to go hang out with an ol’ foster family for convenient plot reasons (seriously, have we ever heard of them before?), and meets this same lady Immortal from earlier.  But more importantly, METHOS COMES TO VISIT MAC.  IDK WHY, BUT, METHOS, I DON’T CARE.  Oh, he’s there to warn Mac that Kristin (the Immortal lady) is in town, so we can know that Richie is getting into trouble big before he does.  She is super clingy and tries to change people, but nobody changes Duncan MacLeod, and then there’s killing if she doesn’t get her way.  Back in the day, Mac plans to leave right after his portrait is done, especially since he fell in love with the lady painting the portrait.  And she goes all crazy.  Now, Richie’s in for it.

Methos tries to warn him about this by being sassy and fighting him in the dojo.  Pure, wonderful Methos.  He constantly bothers Mac to take her head, to the point that Mac has to paint Methos’ nose.  Adorable friends.

by TigraSpacelord

Anyway, Richie tries to get Kristin to let his foster sister get out of her modelling contract for a few months.  Kristin gets possessive about it all, and Richie realizes there are some warning signs here.  She tries to kill him, and then she tries to kill Richie’s friend, and Mac and Methos have to go save her and behead Kristin.  Methos actually makes the kill because #chivalryisdead  He has no guilt.  That’s why he’s my favorite.

Now let’s just watch that adorable gif above for a few minutes.


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