It Belongs in a Museum!

“The Wrath of Kali,” originally aired November 26, 1995.  Nostalgia and spoilers within.

An immortal of the Thuggee cult wants a statue of Kali.  AND IS WILLING TO KILL FOR IT.  I’m just feeling Indiana Jones here.  Especially because this guy (Kamir) just wants to get the Kali statue back where it belongs.  He’s actually right imo–I’m all pro-returning artifacts to their provenance as much as can be known.  At least the piece is at a school to study and not with a private owner?  Of course, he does KILL people, which…sort of takes away his position of moral highground.  He tries to appeal to Mac, though, because they did meet in India, where Mac spent most of his time being seduced by the British officer’s wife.  And kidnapping wives who are going to burn at their husband’s pyre.  You know.  Things you do in India.  She’s a bit pissed because DUTY TO HUSBAND, but.

Anyway, Mac gets convinced to at least check out to see if the Kali was stolen, and he realizes the art dealer was killed.  Meanwhile, Kamir and Richie actually have some good training and advice moments, so I really wish Kamir wouldn’t kill people to get what he wants, because I want to root for him completely.  He is my spirit animal if my spirit animal weren’t pacifist.  But Highlander has to make it easier to pick one side.  Like how the British Empire was terrible.  We don’t really feel much sympathy for them in India AT ALL.  But Richie does get Mac to loosen up a bit and see Kamir’s POV.

I do like all the random tigers that chilled at the palace back in the day, though.  I want a tiger as a pet.

Anyway, Mac gets the Kali statue for Kamir.  Aww.  But Kamir decides that he still has to kill the Indian lady who bought it and ‘betrayed her culture’ just like he killed Mac’s Indian lady back in the day.  Boo.  SO Mac beheads him.  But at least they still send Kali back to India.

What happened to you, Kamir.  I wanted to root for you!  Oh, well.  Taste the delicious ambiguity.


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