We Can Be Heroes

“Reluctant Heroes,” originally aired November 19, 1995.  Nostalgia and spoilers within.

After some foreign film Richie didn’t like, Richie and Mac save some grocer from being shot up–although the shooter hits the wife instead, oops.  Sad.  But they run after the shooter, who is an Immortal Duncan knows, obviously.  The cops break up the fight and take away the bad guy (Kinman).  So the next morning, he tells Richie not to answer questions about this guy so they won’t have to deal with him.  He dueled one of Mac’s mortal friends back in the day, so Mac wants to make it personal.

But of course the FBI and other cops find Mac and Richie working on the house.  Richie doesn’t quite understand why Mac won’t testify, but since he wants to behead him, and that does get complicated with laws.  The widower doesn’t get it, either.

But whoa, plot twist when FBI lady starts making out with Kinman in the interrogation room.  Well, that explains why the FBI has never been able to take him out.  And the grocer is doing everything he can to get them to be witnesses.  Richie is calling out Mac for being biased about what justice means.  Which works!  For once!  Yay!  So Mac agrees to testify, knowing that the grocer was being shot for taking out a loan with the mob or something.  Which puts FBI lady in a tough place, so she has to shoot her partner to get Kinman out safe.  Sad.  And then Kinman shoots her to get away, which teaches you, bad guys make bad boyfriends.  But Mac beheads him, so at least it’s all over, and Mac assures the grocer that revenge was had.  Yay?

Immortals just make everything complicated.


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