The Itsy Bitsy Spider…

“The Colonel,” originally aired November 12, 1995.  Nostalgia and spoilers within.

Amanda is trying to get Mac and Joe back together.  It might have worked if Mac didn’t get kidnapped and put into a straightjacket.  Amanda and Joe are disappointed, but Amanda made a new friend, some petty thief for the thrills.  Mac does manage to make it back to the dojo to meet them, after having realized this Colonel Killian is the one who did it–he was a little war-happy during WWII, as in leading a battle after getting the news the war was over.  But Mac put him in the insane asylum instead of getting shot.  He is now obsessed with spiders.  Let me nope out of here, sorry, can’t deal with the spiders.  Anyway, Mac gets out of his problem.

The next day, Amanda and Mac go to hang out with Amanda’s new friend, who is going into serious Single White Female territory.  Warning warning.  But it works out, because the evil dude’s henchmen kidnap her instead of Amanda to use as bait.  In any event, he goes to meet with Killian, and Killian puts him in a cell forever.  Amanda and Joe help him get out, though.  Yay.  Mac takes out Killian, which makes him feel a little whoozy, but all is good, more or less.  Amanda even gets Mac to go make up with Joe.  ❤

This will not end badly<3<3


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