Kenny’s Back and They’re Gonna Be in Trouble

“Reunion,” originally aired November 5, 1995.  Nostalgia and spoilers within.

Oh, no, Kenny.  Kenny’s back, and someone’s after him.  So he hides with Anne, who figures out what he is.  She calls Mac to help him, but he doesn’t want anything to do with Kenny.  He does recognize the guy who wants his head–some old naval officer who is Pretty Mean.  Captain Kincaid even killed some guy for thinking about mutiny.  “I will not lose 100,000 pounds for the sake of a few lives!”  That gives you a good idea.  So Mac does take some pity on Kenny and takes him home.  Where Amanda is.  Who was Kenny’s teacher.  She’s super happy.  Mac, less so.  She’s even having ~maternal feelings~.

Meanwhile, Mac is trying to get Kincaid to calm down, but he had been marooned on an island for 100 years thanks to Mac, so he’s not taking that well.  Kenny decides to help Kincaid get Mac, which is less awkward than the conversation between Amanda and Anne.  Amanda eventually realizes that Kenny set them up as they fight.  Fortunately, even partially blind, Mac can win.  Unfortunately, Kenny is still a little sociopath, but Amanda doesn’t let him kill Mac.

And then Amanda and Anne become bffs.  One thing I will say, I love that all the ladies get along in this show.  As they should.

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