And Now, a Break From Our Normally Scheduled Drama

“Double Eagle,” originally aired October 29, 1995.  Nostalgia and spoilers within.

After the emotional pummeling of the first four episodes, finally Kit O’Brady swings into our lives with his gambling ways and makes us all feel better.  He gets shot because he owes some money way late, but it’s okay, he’s Immortal.  “Sometimes they stay dead, sometimes they don’t.”  Hahaha, what an awesome thing to say.  Oh, Kit.  Also, Kit sneezes every time an Immortal is near, which just makes my day.

So, Kit’s in town, and he remembers back when he OWNED the casino but Amanda tricked him by pretending to be French and winning at cards.  Kit blames her for his run of bad luck, and guess who shows up at Mac’s apartment–Amanda!  How long can Mac keep them apart?

A comedy of errors follow, where Richie has to watch Amanda while Mac goes to the track to see Kit and maybe buy a racehorse to fix Kit’s luck.  But Richie and Amanda end up there, and more comedy of errors: Amanda thinks he bought the horse for her, Richie bought the horse for Mac when he really wasn’t supposed to, and so forth.  We do learn that Amanda hates Kit, too, because she blames him for burning down the casino after she took over.

Mac makes them at least make up to watch the horse race together, and the horse won.  Yay.  They’re still going to behead each other, but Mac proves that Kit was stuck at sea when the saloon burned down, so Amanda has to forgive him, and Kit just won a race, so he has to admit he’s over his losing streak.  Ultimately, Amanda does a really nice thing and lets Kit have the horse.

This is actually one of my favorite episodes of Highlander.  I could–and have–watched it so much.  It’s just fun.  Season 4 is amazing.


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